schnauze voll von schlechtem English? no more bad german classes ? harto de las classes de aleman aburridas? saco cheio de aulas de alemao, sem poder falar direito?
   We love Berlin, and ACUD offers many artistic and cultural activities
S.O.S. Grammatik in Berlin will make you speak the languages you need,in which you want to express yourself and understand others in.

In german, spanish, portuguese,italian or english
Whatever is your first purpose or level of understanding, Andrea and
her fellow teachers will pick you up where you are with your
capabilities and teach you up to your requirements.

If you need to express yourself and understand others quickly, or want
to develop your skills to a more profound level, you can pick group
courses or receive a tailored schedule for particular classes. Whether
you like to learn privately, in small groups or online, it is language
training at your needs, requirement and necessities at very reasonable
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We teach German as a foreign language, Spanish, Portuguese and English in all levels.
Our native language-speaking teachers are creative, as flexible, committed and determinated as you are, with classes available from Monday to Saturday, 7:00 to 22:00.The classes are always 30 Euros for 45 minutes.
Why not take our free trial lesson, which includes a placement test.We also offer particular "one on one" Online Courses too, worldwide from 07:00 to 22:00 MEZ and on weekends, always able to continue if you are abroad.
Bild "Home:tisch1.jpg" Our courses are all tailor-made, the content of which depends entirely
on the students needs. The focus lays on an active approach to the
language: a lot of conversation sided by necessary theory. We bridge
technical terms of your expertise with practical apply.
At S.O.S Grammatik conversation and grammar go joyfully hand in hand
with a delicious tea and cookies. We teach with a long experience,
using different methods; we are of course listening to music and
lyrics, work on pronounciation and rhythm in a playful way, have
written exercises on books, movies, travels and most importantly the
things you find interesting and want to be able to describe.

So start having fun and learning with us! S.O.S.Grammatik is located
in a creative working athmosphere at ACUDkunsthaus in Veteranenstrasse
21 in Berlin Mitte, where a cinema, a theatre, a music school, an
interview magazine and a gallery coexist and keep up the good spirit.


Sprachschule im ACUD

Veteranenstr. 21

10119 Berlin


Bei S.O.S.Grammatik lernst Du, die Sprachen zu sprechen, die du verstehen und in denen du dich ausdrücken willst.

S.O.S. Grammatik in Berlin will make you speak the languages you need,in which you want to express yourself and understand others in.


Tel. 0176 61959258